About the Courses
The courses at Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing are run by internationally known English blacksmith, Richard Bent FWCB.
Richard has been involved with running eductional and vocational courses since 1982.  Over this period, he has instructed at Colleges at Winchester and Hereford, as well as at his previous Forge at Braishfield in Hampshire and now in Devon.

As the recipient of a Silver medal awarded by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths of London, Richard is acknowledged as one of the leading British blacksmiths of recent times. The medal award was made for excellence in the field of traditional and contemporary blacksmithing.  Richard is also a Freeman of the City of London.

The facility of a modern building reflects the style of work and the teaching of modern processes, whilst still acknowledging the heritage of the craft and historical techniques of the blacksmith.

A full range of equipment is available to provide manufcturing solutions to suit most needs.  Traditional coal-fired forges and modern gas furnaces, provide all the heat required for heating metal, sufficient for general forging, right up to the extreme temperatures required to fire-weld steel.  

Fire-welding has been used by blacksmiths throughout the ages and is a process where two or more pieces of steel are made hot enough in the fire, to enable the individual pieces be completely joined, by rapidly hammering the hot surfaces together on the anvil.